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Gold Giant is a high yield investment program. We invest money in various funds and activities.
We pay you 1% per day for 250 day for each spend.

For example: You spend $100 today. You will get $1 in next day for the next 250 days. That's a 250% return on your spend (150% net gain!)

Minimum spend is $2, maximum spend is $100 per day for one account. Please try to keep it in whole dollar amounts. Payments are made every day directly into your egold account. (Your first payment is made the day following your spend.). Put in memo your email adress.

Our daily payment system is automated.

Join us today and begin building financial success!

Enter Amount You'd like to Invest:
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Important information:

You must be at least 18 years in order to become our investor. You should fully realize what you are doing. You must understand that you are risking to loose your assets.

Gold Giant 2003